Chinook Winds Casino And Resort

Chinook Winds Casino And Resort are one of the best kept secrets in British Columbia. Located in beautiful Whistler, BC, just a few minutes from Vancouver, it is a world class gambling and entertainment facility. For more than twenty years, the owners kept the news of their amazing, new and popular resort under wraps. Unfortunately, until today very little is known about this unique casino and resort.

chinook winds casino and resort

For over two decades, Form follows function, this original branding label created in 1986 when the first economy-shaking economic decline and layoff took place and remains the benchmark for success for Chinook Winds Casino And Resort. Effective corporate branding and constant management have seen consistent profits and growth for this legendary resort long after the 1986 recession. Now, as the third largest resort in British Columbia, Chinook winds has set a new record. It’s resort lifestyle and customer service are second to none!

In 1986, the year Chinook Winds opened its doors, the economy in British Columbia was in a state of flux. Real estate markets were in turmoil across Canada and the United States. Many investors were pulling out their cash and passing on properties. As a result, the number of casinos that opened in Canada (many of which closed) increased dramatically. The same goes for resorts, it was tough out there!

Thankfully, Chinook winds is an exceptional resort location with excellent views, facilities, service and location. This unique amalgamation of old world casino and new age entertainment and real estate has proven to be a winner with customers. Chinook Winds Casino And Resort manage to combine these two elements into one location with extraordinary success. They are able to accomplish this feat because they have incredible management, a strong focus on customer service and the ideal location.

The casino itself is spectacular! The building itself looks almost like a miniature casino and is almost like a small city within a resort. There are plenty of amenities available including restaurants, bars, shopping, and of course, gambling! The gaming options are numerous and the competition level is high. In fact, they offer three championship slots for their players!

Chinook Winds is also responsible for all of the on site management such as cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, security, marketing, etc. They have taken it upon themselves to literally save the day by providing everything you need to run a successful resort! This includes high quality, top-rated management, trained and experienced staff, excellent accommodations and of course, attractive accommodations! There is nothing more you could ask for in a resort management firm than what this company can provide.