Chinook Winds Theme Park

The Chinook Winds Hotel and Casino is a modern theme-park for young families. Although the weather is very nice, you may find it even nicer to stay in the care and comfort of one of the five themed suites.

chinook winds hotel and casino

As the name implies, the themed suites have themed baths and the rooms are decorated in the same way. The rooms feature matching “pillows” in their beds, along with shower curtains that tie them together and feature the same colors as the themes.

The suites are located in the basement level of the Chinook Winds Hotel and Casino. The rooms come fully furnished and feature microwaves, high speed internet, coffee makers, wood-burning fireplaces, and all of the other amenities that the other suites have. The main lobby is about 20 feet below ground level, making it an ideal place to relax after a day of skiing or snowboarding.

The room also comes with twin size beds, which are comfortable enough to sleep in. The bed frame is similar to those found in traditional hotels, with a large bed on the left side, and two twin beds on the right side.

The suite also has a canopy door to allow guests to enjoy the views of the mountain below while they are sleeping. The door closes down to just above the ceiling, allowing the air flow to remain at a constant level and keeping the room warm and cozy.

The rooms themselves also come with room for eight guests, and each suite comes with a fireplace in the living room. The two fireplaces can be set up to accommodate the number of guests staying in the suite, and the fireplace screens in the fireplaces can also be removed and used to make a space for a television.

The other main feature of the luxury suites is the kitchenette. The kitchenette includes a microwave, microwave oven, coffee maker, and a coffee table.

The Chinook Winds Hotel and Casino also offer themed suites for seniors. The suites can be a blend of traditional interiors and modern design with the same style, amenities, and locations as the other suites.