Chinook Winds Hotel and Casino Guide

The Chinook Winds Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada is a definite place to stay while visiting the city. This multi-leveled attraction boasts a lavish casino floor that plays host to some of the best slot machines in the world. The Hotel and Casino are also situated atop a sparkling water feature in addition to a whole host of outdoor activities. Despite the many amenities that this casino offers its guests, it has been rated as one of the best Vegas hotels for its excellent service and overall high standard.

You will be glad to know that the Chinook Winds Hotel and Casino are a secured casino. In order to ensure that your stay is secure and safe, this resort has been rated as one of the top casinos in the world by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. However, if you would prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, there are still many casinos around Reno that are within walking distance of the hotel.

Since this resort’s five-star facilities also include plenty of recreational activities, you can also enjoy yourself at this Las Vegas casino. If you are still looking for something to do in this city, the resort provides entertainment and excitement for its guests.

As you make your way to visit Chinook Winds, you should remember that there are plenty of casinos located nearby. The Northern Lights Hotel and Casino are also just a few blocks away from the resort. It will take you less than an hour to reach the venue. That being said, if you are heading out to the city to visit the Chinook Winds Resort and Casino, you are best to plan a few days to be here in order to experience all that this city has to offer.

While on your trip to visit the Chinook Winds Resort and Casino, you should make sure that you come prepared for a casino-free experience. There are plenty of restaurants in this city that you can enjoy during your visit.

For example, there is Funky Bones Mexican Restaurant which is open all five days time. Many of the establishments that are located in and around the Chinook Winds Resort and Casino also serve food. However, make sure that you eat outside and choose a convenient spot.

In addition to all these establishments in the city, you can always enjoy some of the greatest ice cream in the world at the Hot Doggin’ Haus located inside the Chinook Winds Resort and Casino. The facility is a five-star restaurant, which is sure to provide you with the finest dessert options. Therefore, you should not miss it when you are at the area.

While visiting the Chinook Winds Hotel and Casino, you should also remember that you are not limited to dining at the establishment alone. There are also other fun-filled attractions located in the vicinity. All that you need to do is to plan your trip ahead of time so that you are able to enjoy all that this amazing city has to offer.