The Chinooks Casino and Resort – An Entertainment Place For Families

chinook winds resort and casino

The Chinooks Casino and Resort – An Entertainment Place For Families

The Chinook Winds Casino and Resort is located right on the beautiful Colorado River in the historic downtown Denver metro. It offers various activities for families, children and adults. The resort at the Chinooks Resort and Casino provides a huge variety of recreational activities.

You can find a huge array of restaurants, entertainment options, shopping stores, and restaurants in the Chinooks Casino and Resort. This casino is considered to be one of the most popular in Denver. You will love the beautiful hotels that are in close proximity to the casinos. You can also enjoy the many activities offered at these hotels.

The main attraction at the Chinooks Casino and Resort is the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course. The course is a 9-hole championship golf course with a challenging par five championship hole. The golf course is home to four championship layouts and the top nine players from the previous season will compete for a cash prize. The other championship layouts include The Boulder and The Blue Ridge layouts. You will also find plenty of gambling opportunities including live blackjack, slot machines and roulette.

The other attractions at the Chinooks Casino and Resort include The Great Train Park. This park has a huge indoor and outdoor train depot. There you can view the train and the scenery. You can also get to experience a train ride through the tunnel that is located inside the Depot. Children can take a train ride over The Tunnel of Love.

The Chinooks Casino and Resort is a great place to experience entertainment. It includes an amusement park, nightclubs, dance halls, restaurants and bars. You can find a restaurant that caters to a variety of special occasions. You can choose a buffet style meal or a traditional restaurant that serves dinner. The entertainment options at this casino will provide hours of fun. There is even an outdoor pool that is open to the public and offers an exciting water show.

If you are looking for fun family entertainment you will be happy to know that the Chinooks Casino and Resort have numerous family theaters. You will find the theater for kids located at the Great Train Park and The Rockin’ River. You can also find multiple stages for children’s shows as well as the Theatre on the Bridge. The Family Arcade Theater that features live music and dance shows.